Leonardo, Andrea and North's paper accepted to Nature Communications!

Congratulations to Leonardo, Andrea and North for their paper, “Quantum and classical confinement of resonant states in a trilayer graphene Fabry-Pérot interferometer” being published in Nature Communications!

Nature Communications 3, Article number: 1239 doi:10.1038/ncomms2243
The advent of few-layer graphene has given rise to a new family of two-dimensional systems with emergent electronic properties governed by relativistic quantum mechanics. The multiple carbon sublattices endow the electronic wavefunctions with pseudospin, a lattice analogue of the relativistic electron spin, whereas the multilayer structure leads to electric-field-effect tunable electronic bands. Here we use these properties to realize giant conductance oscillations in ballistic trilayer graphene Fabry-Pérot interferometers, which result from phase coherent transport through resonant bound states beneath an electrostatic barrier. We confine these states by selectively decoupling them from the leads, resulting in transport via non-resonant states and suppression of the giant oscillations. The confinement is achieved both classically, by manipulating quasiparticle momenta with a magnetic field, and quantum mechanically, by locally varying the pseudospin character of the carrier wavefunctions. Our results illustrate the unique potential of trilayer graphene as a versatile platform for electron optics and pseudospintronics.