Gated Bilayer Graphene

Applied E Field can open a band gap in bilayer graphene

The ability to electrostatically tune and deplete the charge density in two-dimensional electron gases enables the fabrication of basic mesoscopic devices, such as quantum point contacts or quantum dots, which enhance our understanding of electronic transport in nanostructures. Creating such electrically tunable nanostructures in monolayer graphene, a novel two-dimensional system, is far more challenging due to its gapless nature.

In this respect, Bernal-stacked bilayer graphene is an interesting material, because of the possibility of opening a band gap by breaking the symmetry between the top and bottom graphene sheets. Using dual-gated geometry, we are hoping to create quantum point contacts, quantum dots and other nanostructures in bilayer graphene.

Fabrication Process for Top-Gated Bilayer Graphene Device