Graphene Mechanical Resonators

Britt Baugher

Suspended Graphene nanostructures can be etched from suspended graphene using an ion beam.

Graphene is an exciting new material in the world of electro-mechanical devices. At exactly one atom thick, graphene is an idyllic two dimensional substance, perfect for nanoresonators, nanosensors, and other NEMS devices. Precise control of the quality, shape, and size of graphene flakes will be integral to further advancement of such devices. Our work has advanced abilities in patterning and etching graphene devices into desired geometries. We have pioneered new methods that have successfully etched features as small as ~10nm and may be capable of control on the level of tens of atoms.  Using a gallium focused ion beam and the brand new helium ion microscope just recently brought to market, we are achieving unprecedented control in the etching of suspended graphene devices.

Etching of graphene devices with a helium ion beam.
Max C. Lemme, David C. Bell, James R. Williams, Lewis A. Stern, Britton W. H. Baugher, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Charles M. Marcus (2009)
ACS nano 3 (9) p. 2674–2676